Blackberry CEO John Chen gives BNN a sneak peek at “Priv” Handset

Blackberry has been teasing customers with its plans for an android-powered slider smartphone for months. The company promised back in march that the device would be available sometime this year.

Now, as part of the company’s second quarter financial results, CEO John Chen john confirmed the name of the handset – the blackberry “Priv” – and reiterated a planned release date later this year.

The Priv will have a curved, all-touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. Chen promises that the phone will be the most secure Android smartphone on the market. The “Priv” is a reference to Blackberry’s focus on protecting customer privacy, says Chen.

Unlike previous phones that run on Blackberry’s own operating system, the “Priv” will be able to tap into Android’s existing app ecosystem.