NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Mars

New findings from (MRO) NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter provide evidence of liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars.

NASA revealed that Mars has liquid water that could not be seen in the path of the robots for  it is underground.

In a press conference from Washington scientists Lujendra Ojha, the Georgia Institute of Technology; and Alfred water on Mars01McEwen of the University of Arizona explained that the discovery was made after observing the steep contours of the surface, resembling stripes. these reliefs were found after analyzing images of the space probe MRO NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

The images were taken from the craters of Palikir, Hale and Horowitz and Coprates Chasma, located in the southern hemisphere of Mars. They were analyzed pixel by pixel.

The water is salty and therefore does not freeze at low temperatures with the red planet  -70 0C(-94 degrees Fahrenheit). The proof of the existence of this liquid is for the presence of the called pecloratos, a mineral formations that look like stripes on hillsides and mountains.

¿Habitable planet?water on Mars02

“Today there is liquid water on the surface of Mars (…) Because of this, we suspect that there is at least a possibility that there is a habitable environment” said said Michael Meyer, director of the exploration program Mars, the “Guardian”.

“The presence of liquid water on Mars has astrobiology, geological and hydrological implications and can affect the future human exploration,” said scientists quoted by EFE.

During the presentation of the report it was not assured nor denied that there is life on that planet. Even the possibility of achieving grow greenhouse crops through slipped. However, it is still too early to determine if in the future we will inhabit Mars.

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Meet Mars Trek , the Mars Google Maps | VIDEO

NASA has made ​​available to Internet users Mars Trek, a tool developed by them and seeks to provide the possibility to know Mars as if we were using Google Earth or Google Maps.

The tool provides quite playful and dynamic commands in order to make it simple for anyone wanting to use it.

Mars Trek also allows us to see where the spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Mars Odyssey and Mars Express mission of exploration are ; all NASA’s implements to study the red planet.